About Us


Welcome to ESOP Pal, your go-to partner for navigating the world of Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) in Australia.

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We specialize in helping SMEs design ESOPs tailored for retention, growth, and succession. Recognizing a gap in the SME market, we set out to offer a service that truly understands and meets your needs, unlike anything else available.

Meet Our Founder

Thomas Lewin

Our founder, Thomas Lewin, has been immersed in the world of employee equity throughout his entire professional career. With a solid background in finance, economics, and data science, Thomas has seen it all - from managing the largest employee share plan in Australia, to complex global share plans and all the way to helping a small plumbing business retain a key team member.

Below are just a few companies Thomas has worked with throughout his career:

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A Turning Point

Why Thomas?

Thomas's passion for employee equity was sparked by a single phone call that would redefine his career path.

Starting out in a contact center with minimal knowledge about share plans, he spent countless hours demystifying complex legal documents. He was driven by a realization during a memorable call with an employee planning to retire.

The employee thought he needed to save an additional $200k for retirement, a goal that seemed five long years away. However, when Thomas pulled up his share plan account, he found the employee had over $1,000,000 in shares because he had remained with the same company for 30 years and been in the ESOP the whole time.

The joy and surprise in the employee's voice as he learned he could retire immediately was a moment of epiphany for Thomas.

Why ESOP Pal Exists

This experience highlighted two critical insights for Thomas:

  1. ESOPs are powerful: They not only help employees stay committed and build wealth but also can significantly impact their lives beyond the workplace.
  2. Knowledge is key: Many employees, like the one Thomas spoke to, are unaware of the value they have in ESOPs due to a lack of communication and education.

Motivated by these insights, Thomas founded ESOP Pal to fill this gap. Drawing from his extensive experience and continuous research, he crafted four distinct ESOPs designed to cater to companies at different stages:

Our Mission

At ESOP Pal, we're committed to not just creating ESOPs but also ensuring employees understand and appreciate the value of their shares. We believe in empowering businesses and their teams with knowledge, thereby fostering a culture of ownership and success.

ESOP are a Win-Win-Win, a win for the employees, a win for the company and a win for investors & founders.

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